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save a generation
  • Jacob Brown
  • January 2016

I was inspired by the dedication of the mission team to reach out to those in need. For the first time I saw the fruit that my parents work was bearing. The children that they had been supporting over the years had grown up and were having family's of their own. The villages we visited were extremely grateful for everything the mission team was doing. It really touched my heart because I could finally see that what we did here has really made a difference. This has not only changed the lives of the people here in Nicaragua, but also the lives of the members of the team as well.

Jacob Brown

save a generation
  • Selena Borril
  • January 2016

This trip has opened my eyes to do many different possibilities. Seeing how easily the children were pleased gave me ideas of how I can help by giving just a little of what I have. Giving up something small for us could mean food for them for the next month. In the end this trip not only brought me closer to God, but also the people I met along the way. Working with the people here has inspired me to continue to do this kind of work for God. It has been a great opportunity and I have been changed in ways that I never anticipated. This trip truly has been a blessing.

Selena Borrill

Millennium Ministries For Christ.

save a generation
  • Pastor Doug Rushton
  • January 2016

I had a great time this week with the Save a Generation ministry team. Best part about this week is that it was a team effort to do the work. I can't tell you how much of a blessing it was. I felt like we connected so well together and that allowed us to connect to the kids and families. Thanks again for a great week!!

Pastor Doug Rushton

Millenniun Ministries For Christ. 


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